Saturday, February 4, 2012

LA Jobs: Your Partner For A Secure Tomorrow

MORE THAN EVER, in times like this where jobs come very few and far between, job seekers need the assistance of professionals who specialize in the placement of skilled workers where they will likely end up successfull and happy.

One such company is LA Jobs, an employment agency that caters mostly to international workers. It specializes in the placement of degreed and skilled professionals with employers who are willing to petition them for work and immigrant visas. The company offers part time and full time placements.
Belina Calderon-Tagarao, the head of the company, said that "Aside from placement, L.A. Jobs offers training in Quickbooks to our applicants. The training gives our applicants the needed skills for some job openings that require this knowledge." Tagarao added that consultations are free.

Asked how they are able to cushion the impact from the headwinds of the economic meltdown, Tagarao said they remained upbeat because they know where the jobs are. "Despite the crisis we have remained strong in the job placement industry because of our integrity," said Tagarao. "Most of our employers are referred by existing clients who are happy with our services and placements." For work visa petitions, L.A. Jobs makes finding the right match a high priority. They understand that visa applications can be costly and making sure that the case is approvable is important. That is why, they work with experienced and successful immigration lawyers who assist their applicants with any immigration or visa questions they may have.

L.A. Jobs started in 2001 in Encino, C.A. Opened a branch in Beverly Hills from 2004 to 2009, before moving to where it is today -- in Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles. In 2004, they also opened up another company, Caregiver Services and Homecare, Inc. that caters to non-medical care/services.
With Caregiver Services, they have expanded their niche in the job market industry by successfully providing jobs for experienced caregivers, CNAs, HHAs, etc.

Over the years where countless employment agencies have opened and closed due to the challenging job market, and strict Immigration regulations, L.A. Jobs has remained stable, strong and successful. It is not uncommon for clients to go back to them years later to seek their help in finding a new or better job.

Tagarao said, "Finding the right match for every job opening can be quite a challenge. But we welcome challenges and we come through most of the time.

The best part of our work is knowing that for every placement we make, we know we make a difference in that person's life. For those who need to legalize their status in the U.S. through employment, we know that we have helped not just one person but a family realize their American Dream."

Do you need a job? Call them today for a FREE consultation at 213-351-9100 or visit their website at